Gazelles Four Decisions certified coach

Bob Bishop

Owner of Apex Consulting, works with business owners and management professionals to achieve their personal and business goals. As an entrepreneur and long-time supporter of small business, he is passionate about what he does. With a wealth of accumulated knowledge, Bob provides valuable insight to business owners and administrators seeking to maximize their growth.
His experience in management and his history of strong leadership have helped him to develop the tools needed to excel. Prior to opening Apex Consulting, Bishop held multiple leadership positions. While running Apex, he remains active in the development and promotion of new business ventures.
At present count, he has owned three businesses and managed five others. This experience has taught him a great deal about what works and what doesn’t and how best to cultivate success. One of the most important things he learned from his experience is that businesses of all types and all sizes face many of the same challenges.
Understanding this principle, he helps clients across diverse industries to overcome obstacles and stimulate growth. With advanced coaching and guidance, Bob is pleased to help other business owners and leaders to achieve the very best along their journey.