Thought Leaders

I lean on a wide range of thought leaders to help my clients with a wide range of business challenges. These include

# Who What For more info…
1 Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership
2 Jim Collins Business Management, Growth, Sustainability
3 Greg Crabtree Simplified Business Accounting
4 Deb Gabor Branding
5 Cameron Herold Vivid Vision
6 Kaihan Krippendorff Breakthrough Strategy
7 Kevin Lawrence Better Strategy, Stronger Leaders
8 Patrick Lencioni Healthy Teams
9 Marcus Sheriden They Ask, You Answer sales and marketing
11 Herman Simon Pricing
12 Simon Sinek Base your strategies and actions on your foundation
13 Geoff Smart WHO - The A method for hiring
14 Jack Stack Great Game of Business
15 Michael Bungay Stanier Keys to coaching for success
16 Shannon Susko Business strategy and execution
17 Gino Wickman EOS - Entrepreneurial operating system
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